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Make the Fall Leaves Work for You!

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Each day, I wake up to more leaves falling from my trees. Last weekend, when my 4-year old grandson came for a visit, he was SO EXCITED when he saw my yard!  “Can I rake, Grandma?” was his first question. “You bet, Simon!” was my immediate reply. Years ago, when my dad made me rake, I saw the job as useless, endless drudgery. Today I see it in a different light. Those leaves can help me make my lawn and garden beautiful AND save me a bunch of money in the process. Make the leaves work for you, instead of the other way around!

Things to do:

  • Use mulched leaves as a protective and insulating cover for the perennials in your garden. Not only do they protect the plants, they also help retain the moisture and suppress weeds. Pile ‘em on! 
  •  Make leaf mold. No…this is not an art project! English gardeners love this rich compost made from leaves. Simply collect your leaves (whole or mulched) in bags or bins, keep moist, and let the fungi do its thing. In a few years, you’ll have a beautiful, rich compost full of essential nutrients. And it won’t cost you a thing
  • Use leaves to store root vegetables. Store carrots, beets, yams, and other root vegetables between layers of freshly fallen leaves sprinkled with just a little bit of water. Store in a cool spot. If you don’t grow your own, hit the local farmers’ market to stock up for the winter months. 
  • Mulch them into your lawn by mowing over them a few times. The broken-down leaves will add helpful nutrients and organic matter to your lawn, making it look even better next spring.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac gives these and many other ideas of things to do in your yard this time of year.  Find more at:  My personal favorite and the one that Simon and I did while he was here: make a playground! Rake the leaves into a BIG pile and take turns jumping in! I was so busy laughing, I forgot to take pictures. Drats! Maybe next time…

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