Arbor Day Celebration

Did you know that we get more than fruit and nuts and paper products from trees?  How about chewing gum, rubber bands and shoe polish?  Students at Green Tree Elementary School will learn this and more about the importance of trees in our environment on April 27th.  Roots and Branches will be presenting a TV game show program where a few students will compete while the student body cheers them on.  A.J Brandt, Brandt Printing, will emcee the game show.  Each year the program is rotated between all public and parochial schools in West Bend.  This is the twenty-eighth year that Roots and Branches has presented the Arbor Day Program in the schools.


After the program the City Park & Recreation Department will demonstrate how to plant a tree on the school grounds.  Service Berry trees will be given to all 4th grade students in the public schools and 5th grade students in the parochial schools throughout the city to take home and plant with their families.  Several local and state government officials attend the event.  The Tree City flag will be given to the city from the state DNR. WE Energies is sponsoring the Arbor Day Program again this year, represented by Doug Howell.

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Everyone is Invited to Help Clean Up Our Community!


You’re all Invited!!

The Cleanup Greenup Campaign isn’t just for parks and green spaces anymore.  We invite residents and businesses to take time this spring to clean up your own areas.  Get your families, neighbors and employees to pitch in and have some fun helping to spruce up our city during the month of May.  Take some pictures and tag us on Facebook - @rootsandbrancheswestbend or send them to our email below to tell a great story about our great community.

Clean up our Parks!

Roots and Branches will still have their regular Cleanup Greenup Campaign day on Saturday, May 5th from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, sponsored by Modern Woodmen.  Come to Regner Park to pick up garbage and recycling bags and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee provided by Dunn Brothers Coffee.  We will assign you a park or let us know where you are cleaning.  Youth groups are especially encouraged to participate.  Garbage pick-up is also provided that day.  Call 262-335-5083 or email to register for the May 5th date or for any questions.

Downtown cleanup!!

There will also be a special downtown Clean-up Day on May 21st where the city, downtown property owners, businesses, Roots and Branches and volunteers will be cleaning up the garden beds, planting and mulching between 7:00 a.m. and Noon.  Please let us know if you are able to help with this clean-up project.  You can join in anytime that morning.  

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The Buzz About Bees-Free Seminar-Open to the Public

“The Buzz About Bees”



Don Thill and his family have been bee keeping for generations in West Bend and currently manage 400-500 different bees in four different counties.

Don is the Southeastern Wisconsin District President of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, President of the Washington/Ozaukee County Bee Association, an avid community bee educator, and award-winning honey producer.

The presentation will explore bee keeping tips, evaluate the impact bees have to our environment, help identify ways to help protect them and so much more!  

Join us for “The Buzz About Bees” - 7:00 p.m. at West Bend City Hall 1115 S. Main Street. Register for this free, public event by calling Roots and Branches office 262-335-5083, email at or online at     


2018-Seminar-Buzz About Bees-March 6.jpg



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Valentine's Aren't Just for Kids!

Remember your childhood excitement of receiving a Valentine?
Why not share a Valentine with someone special in our electronic January Newsletter.
For just $10 support Roots and Branches and have a little fun.
Let us know where to mail a copy in case they are not on our email list.

Click the "Send a Valentine Here" button to make your selection from one of the options pictured below. 

Submission Deadline: January 30, 2018

Questions Contact the Office At: or 262-335-5083

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Interesting Tid-Bits to Share

Make the Fall Leaves Work for You!

Source: From our friends at
Each day, I wake up to more leaves falling from my trees. Last weekend, when my 4-year old grandson came for a visit, he was SO EXCITED when he saw my yard!  “Can I rake, Grandma?” was his first question. “You bet, Simon!” was my immediate reply. Years ago, when my dad made me rake, I saw the job as useless, endless drudgery. Today I see it in a different light. Those leaves can help me make my lawn and garden beautiful AND save me a bunch of money in the process. Make the leaves work for you, instead of the other way around!

Things to do:

  • Use mulched leaves as a protective and insulating cover for the perennials in your garden. Not only do they protect the plants, they also help retain the moisture and suppress weeds. Pile ‘em on! 
  •  Make leaf mold. No…this is not an art project! English gardeners love this rich compost made from leaves. Simply collect your leaves (whole or mulched) in bags or bins, keep moist, and let the fungi do its thing. In a few years, you’ll have a beautiful, rich compost full of essential nutrients. And it won’t cost you a thing
  • Use leaves to store root vegetables. Store carrots, beets, yams, and other root vegetables between layers of freshly fallen leaves sprinkled with just a little bit of water. Store in a cool spot. If you don’t grow your own, hit the local farmers’ market to stock up for the winter months. 
  • Mulch them into your lawn by mowing over them a few times. The broken-down leaves will add helpful nutrients and organic matter to your lawn, making it look even better next spring.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac gives these and many other ideas of things to do in your yard this time of year.  Find more at:  My personal favorite and the one that Simon and I did while he was here: make a playground! Rake the leaves into a BIG pile and take turns jumping in! I was so busy laughing, I forgot to take pictures. Drats! Maybe next time…

visit us at:

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2017 Business Beautification Award Winner


The winner of Roots and Branches Business Beautification Award for 2017 is “The Red House” Creative Cuts, 530 Walnut Street. Verna Reindl accepted the award at Roots and Branches Garden Party in the Vineyard on September 27th, along with three other finalists representing “A Conversation Piece, 132 S. 6th, Trinity Lutheran Church, 140 N. 7th Avenue, and Woodridge Chiropractic, 1624 Clarence Court.

The Business Beautification award recognizes businesses whose buildings and landscaping positively impact the community, helping to make West Bend an even more beautiful place in which to live, work and visit. Previous winners include:  West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, Westbury Bank Home Loan Center, Commerce State Bank, The Frisby House, Januli’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria, Gehl Company/Manitou Americas, Museum of Wisconsin Art, Delta Defense, Schmidt Funeral Home, Murphy Media and Kiera’s Closet. 


2017 Garden Party 024.JPG

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